48902581_e51affe2d7_bMost people who get stung by a bee will experience a little bit of a burning sensation. It may hurt for a little while, but it usually goes away and you are left with nothing but a reminder that even though bees are small they are painful. Some people aren’t this lucky. These people are allergic to beestings.

There are differing degrees of allergies to a bee sting. Some people will experience a severe burning sensation, a mild puffy area around the site of the sting, a fever, and general discomfort or feeling of being unwell. These people are lucky because their allergy will not kill them. Others are very allergic to bees. Once they are stung by a bee they will experience immense pain. They will experience burning not only at the site of the sting, but throughout their entire bodies. Often this pain works its way from the site to the entire body. Many of these individuals who are severely allergic will have difficulty breathing, experience dizziness, and have an overwhelming sense of panic. It is very important that if you notice someone who is having trouble breathing that you get emergency medical help for them right away. They could die if they don’t get medicine for their bee sting!

Some people who know that they have a bee allergy or other allergies to common 5991654908_7c241d2873_bthings like peanuts may carry an epi-pen, Auvi-Q, or Twinjec. Make sure that they get a shot of this medicine right away. Then take them to the doctor immediately even if the shot looks like it worked. It is very important that they get evaluated right away so that they can make sure that no toxin is left circulating through their bloodstream.

If you have a bee allergy and live in an area where lots of bees live you should avoid wearing shoes like flip-flops and sandals. Bees will sting you if you step on them or get too close for their comfort! You should also avoid panicking when you see a bee. Do not swat at them or run from or into them. They will sting you because they do not know what is going on. It is possible that they are just checking you out to see if you are a food source and will leave on their own when they discover that you are not. You may also want to avoid drinking sweet beverages from open containers like cans and open glasses. Bees really like sweet stuff too! You should make sure that there are screens on your windows and doors in your house so that you can avoid letting them into your home.

14002344549_d91b5bba1b_oRemember, bees have great eyesight. They build those amazing hives in places with perfect angles, remember? So when you wear clothing you should avoid wearing lots of bright colors and flowers on your clothing if you are allergic. This attracts bees. The more real the flower looks, the more likely a bee will come to inspect you. You should also try wearing long sleeves and long pants in areas where there are lots of bees. Limiting the amount of skin you have exposed means that you are limiting the opportunities that bees have to sting you if they feel threatened. Always try to stay away from places that you have a lot of bees because you know there will be a greater chance that you will be stung. Know your emergency phone numbers and remember to have a phone on you at all times so that you can call in an emergency. The key to living a long and happy life with a bee sting allergy is just to be prepared and informed!

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